About Parish Athletics

The St. Patrick Parish Athletics program is open to both St. Patrick Catholic School students and public school students who participate in the faith formation programs at either St. Patrick or Sacred Heart parishes.

Our parish athletic program is designed to be a character builder for youth. Ideals of good sportsmanship and Christianity shall be the overriding influence. Parish Athletics are a part of the faith- building efforts of the Catholic Church.

We offer volleyball to 4th-8th grade girls in the fall, basketball for 4th-8th grade boys and girls in the winter, and track to 4th-8th grade boys and girls in the spring. Registration for the 2017-18 school year is now open!

To learn more, or to register, please visit our website:

The mission of St. Patrick Parish is to build up the Church by worshipping the Father, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus, and, guided by the Spirit, loving and serving others as we share our gifts.

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